There are many factors to consider when installing hard surface flooring products, at Jenkins, we always recommend reviewing the specific installation instructions from the manufacturer, however here are some general guidelines to help you with your project.

One of the most important parts of the installation is proper floor preparation.

A primary consideration when installing any hard surface flooring, is ensuring the surface is flat and smooth.

Here are a few tips to ensure you start with a flat and smooth surface.


  1. Place a level or a straight board on the floor to determine if there are any high or low areas.
  2. Mark the areas on the floor that need some attention.
    • On a wood subfloor a belt sander or floor grinder can quickly take care of any high spots
    • The low areas can be patched with a cement based flooring patch, the same patch can also be used on imperfections on concrete floors. Thus making the floors flat and smooth.
    • When you are checking for a flat subfloor, make sure the wood subfloor is screwed and nailed sufficiently, so the flooring has a solid base to go over.Once the floor is flat, vacuum the floor to ensure there is no dirt or debris left behind.Let’s go over those key points again:Keys to a successful install.
      1. Flat, level, and sturdy floor.
      2. Read and follow manufacture installation instructions.
      3. Talk to a professional flooring sales associate about the area the flooring is being installed.

      Installing new flooring in your home or business is a major renovation.  Investing a little time at the onset of the project to ensure the floor is flat, and understanding what material you are buying, will result in enjoyable and worry-free installation.

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