After our recent social media posts and our last blog posting, we’ve had a number of questions and comments about Air.o by Mohawk. Since this is such a new product, we are working to get the answers to you are valued consumers quickly! Thank you for your interest.

Here are some of the answers to the questions regarding the under-pad and air quality questions we had over the weekend.

Air.o is a whole new category of carpet, it’s latex-free soft flooring called USF or Unified Soft Flooring. This is different from traditional carpet in many ways. Rather than purchasing the pad separately, Air.o features an integrated premium felt pad that allows for quick installation and long-lasting dimensional stability. That means, no buckling, wrinkling or delamination, and greater air flow for dirt and soil removal. Also with this unique under-pad, if it is exposed to moisture it will dry quicker!

All of these features will contribute to your family’s health. Mold, mildew and other allergens require moisture to grow and spread. Air.o’s fiber and integrated cushion don’t absorb moisture, which allows it to dry faster and more completely after will and cleaning.

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