If you’ve been struggling with choosing your flooring colour, don’t stress, you’re not alone.  Many people struggle with choosing a right colour for their flooring.

It’s no wonder – there are so many different colours out there in the market and there is probably a colour and pattern to match even wildest ideas. While pushing the boundaries of traditional style and being creative are welcome in flooring industry it is still very important to follow some guidelines in order to avoid some flooring fashion faux pas’.

Here are a few simple tips and suggestions to be mindful of when deciding on your flooring colour.

Keep in mind the room size, texture and colour of walls, ceiling height and colour of furniture should be your first considerations when choosing a colour for your floor. Try avoiding using dark floors in small rooms with dark walls – it will make room even smaller. In the rooms with low ceiling go for light coloured floors and walls. Dark tones are a popular choice for artists’ studios, modern and chic interiors.  Natural unstained wood or traditional shades of brown are ideal if you are looking for a classic timeless look. Deep and bold colours are perfect for commercial interiors, offices and other large spaces. Warm golden, browns and red wood tones will make your room cosy and comfortable. White floors will make your room spacious.

Remember colours should complement each other. Flooring should have a different colour from your furniture and walls, some contrast will make the room visually interesting for your eye!

Take advantage of flooring samples. While photos of interiors and virtual room planners can give you a general idea of what the end result might be, there is no better way of determining the floor colour than seeing the sample on-site in natural light.  Select no more than three wood floor samples to take home. More than that can confuse your final decision rather than helping narrow it down.  Look at your samples on-site in natural light as well in the artificial night light. Check how they look placed against the woodwork, furniture, adjoining floors  and walls. Leave the room and come back after few minutes. Repeat it next day. This is a good barometer on how you’ll feel about entire room being covered in that particular colour.

Finally eliminate your least favourite of the three samples and continue your exercises with the remaining two samples until you decide which is the winner.

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