Carpet makes a home feel lived in!  One of our traditional and established flooring products – for as long as there have been floors, we have had carpets.  Carpet typically comes in rolls, some with under-pad attached and others that require separate under-pad.  Additionally carpet now comes in tiles, which have been a delightful addition to the DIYer market, when it comes to transporting and repairing the product.

New & Improved!

Many carpet manufacturers have re-invented their products with healthy living in mind.  Several products have entered the marketplace which low VOC and hypoallergenic.  Some products have fibers that do not absorb moisture, which help prevent the growth of allergens and microbes, plus they have antimicrobial properties in case they are exposed to moisture.  Other have unified construction which provides better airflow, releasing more dust and dirt with each vacuum.

Love the floor you live on!

Ask 10 people who love carpet why they like carpet, you’ll probably get 10 different answers, but here are a few common ones that we hear around the showroom.

  • Carpet softens the landing when you stretch out on the floor and roll around with kids and pets.
  • When you choose carpet, there is only one cleaning tool required.  You only have to vacuum, no mopping or dry sweeping.

Carpets make you feel comfortable when you are ready to relax. Living rooms, dens, bedrooms, family rooms, are place where people often prefer carpet. These are areas of the home where we relax, take our shoes off, and play – this is why most people add an area rug to a hard surface floor!.  With colours, textures and materials to suit just about anyone, you’re sure to find something to meet your wants and needs in our selection of carpets.

See Jenkins – The Flooring People for more details on carpets and other flooring products available today. We are here to help you make the right flooring purchase for the right application.

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